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Mercado Stephanie Work Promotes Confidence Mural

Work Promotes confidence mural

In preparation for painting my first mural commission, I painted a practice mural with imagery I have been using in my print-based collages. Technically, this is the first mural of my own personal work that I have ever designed and executed all on my own.…

Many Exhibition Announcement Craft Contemporary

Many Craft contemporary

Many features twelve Los Angeles-based artists who utilize multiples in their artistic practices. The artists create two- and three-dimensional works using a variety of materials and processes including printing, casting, repetition, and accumulation. Their works exemplify the unique power of multiples to record and disseminate information, amplify…

Risograph Portfolio Cover

Ideal Engagements Risograph portfolio

A portfolio of Risograph prints featuring 15 members of the California Society of Printmakers.Risograph is a semi-automated stencil-based printmaking technique utilizing soy & rice oil-based inks, printed one color layer at a time. Within an object that admittedly looks much like a photocopier, Risograph combines…

East Los Luv Public Art Project Banner

East Los Luv Public Art project

East Los Luv – A Public Art Project for the Love of East L.A. A community-based collaborative mural and interactive public art project by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Mercado. Mission To create a vibrant and eclectic mural that uplifts, empowers, and celebrates the surrounding community’s…

vvicked paper craft nft


I made my first NFT available on Mintable. Making NFTs is a logical next step for me, as I have been working on making videos and animated content since 2017. I am eager to be able to create digital art within a larger context and…

Mid America Print Council Journal, 2021

The Tipping Point MAPC 2021 Journal

The “Tipping Point!”, Mid America Print Council (MAPC) 2021 Journal is now available on their site. It is a beautifully designed, inspiring compilation of artists pushing the boundaries of printmaking through traditional and experimental practices. I am so grateful to be included among the innovators…