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Many features twelve Los Angeles-based artists who utilize multiples in their artistic practices. The artists create two- and three-dimensional works using a variety of materials and processes including printing, casting, repetition, and accumulation. 

Their works exemplify the unique power of multiples to record and disseminate information, amplify narratives, and investigate various modes of labor and production. 

my first mural

Mercado Stephanie Work Promotes Confidence Mural
Untitled, 2022, acrylic on concrete, 11 x 20'

In preparation for painting my first mural commission, I painted a practice mural with imagery I have been using in my print-based collages. Technically, this is the first mural of my own personal work that I have ever designed and executed all on my own. I learned a lot during the process…


East Los Luv Public Art Project Banner

East Los Luv – A Public Art Project for the Love of East L.A.

A community-based collaborative mural and interactive public art project by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Mercado. Read about the project here. 


Honoring memory coloring and collage activity

The Skirball Cultural Center invited me to host a workshop in honor of Memory. 
The workshop explored how color, collage, and mixed media can be used as tools to evoke memory, strengthen emotional well-being, and boost self-expression. The coloring sheets were illustrated by me and are an extension of the coloring and collage activities that I created for the public art project East Los Luv.
You too can participate and share this activity with your students and friends by visiting the Skirball’s Educational Resources for Teachers website.