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Many features twelve Los Angeles-based artists who utilize multiples in their artistic practices. The artists create two- and three-dimensional works using a variety of materials and processes including printing, casting, repetition, and accumulation. 

Their works exemplify the unique power of multiples to record and disseminate information, amplify narratives, and investigate various modes of labor and production. 


Repair Mid America Print Council Journal
Repair Mid America Print Council Journal 2022

To Live Not Just Survive by Fidencio Fifield-Perez is the perfect expression and cover art for MAPC’s 2022 Journal vol. 34/35 titled REPAIR. The journal opens with a thoughtful Letter from the President that questions “How do we hold histories of harm?” and asks us to notice, notice the effect of fracture, and the legacies of harm. 

The journal includes a strong body of work by visionary artists responding to disease, marginalization, bearing witness to consumerism and exploitation, labor, identity, ancestry, and community. Download the journal for free, or order a hard copy for your classroom or personal library. 

My work is featured in the 2022 “Repair” Issue and is also featured in the 2021 “The Tipping Point” Issue. 

Visit: to download the free digital copy or purchase a hardcopy. 


A 60-page exhibition catalog of the artworks featured in the Emerge Exhibition. The catalog includes high-quality reproductions of the artwork in the show, an artist’s statement, and process photos. Purchase your hardcopy by clicking on the button below. 

my first mural

Mercado Stephanie Mural Work Promotes Confidence 2022
Work Promotes Confidence Practice Mural, 2022, acrylic on concrete, 11 x 20'

In preparation for painting my first mural commission, I painted a practice mural with imagery I have been using in my print-based collages. Technically, this is the first mural of my own personal work that I have ever designed and executed all on my own. I learned a lot during the process…


East Los Luv Public Art Project Banner

East Los Luv – A Public Art Project for the Love of East L.A.

A community-based collaborative mural and interactive public art project by Los Angeles artist Stephanie Mercado. Read about the project here. 


art education - lesson plans

Nature and Being, Storytelling and Symbolism through Self Portraiture, Lesson Plan
Nature and Being, Storytelling and Symbolism through Self Portraiture, Lesson Plan
Art education is essential to creating healthy thriving human beings, at any age. I am grateful to the Skirball Cultural Center for the opportunity to design workshops that for educators to share with their students. These lesson plans are designed with accessibility in mind and can be downloaded, printed, and shared for free. 

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