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vvicked paper craft nft
VVICKED Paper Craft, relief print collage, digitized

I made an NFT from an original work on paper. Read more about the digital artwork here.

The Tipping Point - Mid America Print Council 2021 Journal release

MAPC printmaking journal 2021
MAPC printmaking journal 2021

The Tipping Point!, Mid America Print Council (MAPC) 2021 Journal is now available for purchase. Buy a hard copy for $25.00 or download a digital version for free. The journal explores new concepts and innovative practices in printmaking by artists across the nation. 

Tamarind Institute of Lithography - Flourish Lithographs

Flourish (for Julie), 2020, lithograph, Ed. 15, 30 x 22"
Flourish (for Julie), 2020, lithograph, Ed. 15, 30 x 22"
Flourish (for Maggie), 2020, lithograph, Ed. 18, 30 x 22"
Flourish (for Maggie), 2020, lithograph, Ed. 18, 30 x 22"

Metro Art LA's Silver Linings series

For the Love of Essential Workers, 2020, relief print collage, 20 x 35″ was commissioned by Metro for their Silver Linings series. Read more about the project on Metro’s website.


In Artists and Poems, curator Steven Wolkoff and co-curators Alexandra Wiesenfeld and Eugene

Ahn invited a group of Los Angeles artists to choose a poem that has meaning for them in the

period from Election Day until Inauguration Day. The artists then created artwork inspired by

these poems. The pair of works – poem and visual art – will be presented together in a virtual

exhibition on


Shoutout la, risk takers

When I was in college one of our art professors lectured us on the difficulty of becoming an artist and said “Out of a 100 of you, 10% will continue making art when you graduate, of that 10%, 1% might have a career in the arts.” Read more…

Daily fory-niner, artist feature, art and culture

A maintenance worker, a nurse, a waitress, a mailman, a food delivery worker and a construction site worker. Before the coronavirus pandemic, what these workers have in common would not be obvious. Read more…

virtual studio tour - December 2020

Take a virtual tour of my tiny studio and view some of the work in progress. Click on the arrows to navigate the space and the info. icons for short descriptions on some of the items in the studio.  


Self made - short introductory video

A short introductory video I made about the printmaking process and themes throughout the work.


Click here to view images of select one-of-a-kind print-based collages.


New painting project – studies of my grandmother’s garden. Blog coming soon…


I created an exhibition catalog, animated and magazine ad for Latin American Master’s Francisco Toledo Select Prints 1970 – 2018 exhibition. Click on the image above to see view the 52 page catalog.