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Many Exhibition Announcement Craft Contemporary

Many features twelve Los Angeles-based artists who utilize multiples in their artistic practices. The artists create two- and three-dimensional works using a variety of materials and processes including printing, casting, repetition, and accumulation. 

Their works exemplify the unique power of multiples to record and disseminate information, amplify narratives, and investigate various modes of labor and production. 

Exhibition Artists: 

Zeina Baltagi (@zeina_baltagi)
Tia Blassingame (@primbookart)
Sula Bermúdez-Silverman (@cyber.sula)
John Birtle (@realityshopping)
Joel Freeman
Pamela Smith Hudson (@pamsmithhudson)
Saj Issa (@saj_issa)
Gelare Khoshgozaran (@rearleftist)
Álvaro D. Márquez (@alvarodmarquez)
Narsiso Martinez (@narsisomartinez)
Stephanie Mercado (@iluvpaper)
Aryana Minai (@yanaminai)