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A portfolio of Risograph prints featuring 15 members of the California Society of Printmakers.

Risograph is a semi-automated stencil-based printmaking technique utilizing soy & rice oil-based inks, printed one color layer at a time. Within an object that admittedly looks much like a photocopier, Risograph combines aspects of screen printing, lithography, and letterpress into a wholly unique medium capable of printing large quantities. While Risograph has been embraced within the illustration, design, and self-publishing communities, its acceptance within the traditional printmaking world has been slower. This portfolio is an attempt to showcase the broad range of possibilities this approach to the multiple can achieve. 15 traditional printmakers, all members of the California Society of Printmakers, were invited to create new pieces with the specific qualities of Risograph in mind. 


This portfolio was made possible by a California Society of Printmakers Membership Engagement Grant

Ideal Engagements

Curated by Mary V Marsh & Zach Clark

Organized and printed by Zach Clark / National Monument Press

Printed at Chute Studio with Riso RZ 310, RZ 220, & MZ1090 duplicators

On Springhill 110lb Index paper

Edition of 150

Artists include:

Marty Azevedo
Susan Belau
Meri Brin
Zach Clark
Betty Friedman
Karen Gallagher Iverson
nif hodgson
Joanna Kidd
Sarah Klein
Mary V. Marsh
Stephanie Mercado
Golbanou Moghaddas
Gisela Ramirez
Toru Sugita
Frances Valesco