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vvicked paper craft nft

I made my first NFT available on Mintable. Making NFTs is a logical next step for me, as I have been working on making videos and animated content since 2017. I am eager to be able to create digital art within a larger context and conversation.

The NFT titled VVICKED Paper Craft is an .mp4 file of a print-based collage in homage to the women who were persecuted as witches for their knowledge of medicinal herbs, practicing divination, and traditional healing practices. This series of monotypes merges traditional analog printmaking practices with experimentation and digital media.

It is inspired by my childhood upbringing, listening to my grandmother talk about healing herbs and home remedies. She would grow chamomille and Yerba Buena in her garden in Boyle Heights. Latinxs and NFTs are the next logical step in story-telling and culture sharing in the digital age.

The bidding period has closed, but the NFT and original work on paper are still available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing either the digital artwork or the original monotype, email: