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LA Printers Fair

2020’s Virtual Los Angeles Printers Fair at The International Printing Museum in Carson, CA, celebrated the museum’s commitment to advancing letterpress, book arts, paper arts, and print culture in Los Angeles through a series of virtual experiences, workshops and a website that featured diverse vendors. 

Each year the museum holds an in-person print fair showcasing their world class collection of working antique presses, letterpress ephemera, and hand-printed memorabilia. 

The LA Printers Fair annually brings together 80 artistic vendors and 1,700 visitors to experience the creative worlds of handmade books and beautiful printing.

Exhibitors include many of the greatest letterpress and printmaking artists in the Southwest and beyond, offering custom posters, printings, hand-printed cards, memorabilia, hand-made paper, and antiquarian books for sale.

Throughout the Museum’s galleries visitors can print their own keepsakes on antique letterpresses, have their name cast in printer’s type, make paper by hand, or even screen print their own shirt!

All proceeds from the fair go to The International Printing Museum, a non-profit institution dedicated to the heritage, preservation, and advancement of the printing arts.

Checkout the virtual print fair here.

The International Printing Museum 
November 1 – November 30, 2020